Sexual Lubricants/Oils



Sexual Lubricants/Oils
Product Name: Sex Lubricant Oil Male Sex Oil Boys Penis Massage Oil Sexual Weakness Oil
Brand Name: Atulya Medilink
Capacity: 50ml
Flavour: Vitamin-E
Multipack: 1
SX-Fast oil makes the muscles strong and powerful by increasing the blood circulation/flow in the male sense organs. Removes the laxity and weakness of the genital organs and other defects. This Mahaushadhi, made by the combination of uniquely beneficial nutritious herbs and valuable bhasmas, is capable of nourishing the juices, rakta, metals in the body and producing flawless semen. The pillar is a power booster. With its regular use, the inner strength develops by eliminating nervous debility, sleep disorders and diarrhoea, fatigue, etc. Stimulates blood supply to penile/penile muscles, Strengthen erectile power, Enhance male libido & duration, Prevent premature ejaculation, Increase male functional debility.

Country of Origin: India


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